Gdous Juicy Chicken started out as a family business making crispy chicken chops in Taiwan almost 28 years ago. The name, "Gdous", derives from "juicy chicken" in Chinese. The fragrant, juicy and crispiness in every bite is what makes our brand recipe unique and must not be confused with our previous brands. We adapted our recipe to taste preferences when we introduced this local Taiwanese snack to mainland China and global markets. As for the North American market, Gdous Juicy Chicken is thrilled to have found home in Toronto, Canada. 



At Gdous Juicy Chicken, we pride ourselves in offering products that are freshly cooked and prepared which often requires a little more time. Your patience to enjoy our food is highly appreciated.  

221 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2E2. Tel 416-593-7878

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